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ForGoodLife :)

Английские сокращения в смс

A/S? -Age/Sex?
AAMOF -As A Matter Of Fact
Abbr. -Abbreviation
ACK -Acknowledgement
ADN -Any Day Now
AFAIAA -As Far As I Am Aware
AFAIAC -As Far As I Am Concerned
AFAICT -As Far As I Can Tell
AFAIK -As Far As I Know
AFAIR -As Far As I Remember
AFAIUI -As Far As I Understand It
AFK -Away From Keyboard
AI -Artificial Intelligence
AIMP -Always In My Prayers
AISB -As I Said Before / As It Should Be
AISE -As I Said Earlier
AISI -As I See It
AIUI -As I Understand It
AIW -As It Were
AKA -Also Known As
AMAP -As Much As Possible
AOB -Any Other Business
ASAP -As Soon As Possible
ATB -All The Best
ATM -At The Moment
ATTN -Attention
AU -Australia
AVG -Average
AWCIGO -And Where Can I Get One
AYT? -Are You There?
B/C -Because
B4 -Before
B4N -Bye For Now
BAC -By Any Chance
BAK -Back at Keyboard
BBB -Busy Beyond Belief
BBD -Bulletin Board
BBIAB -Be Back In A Bit
BBIAF -Be Back In A Flash
BBIAM -Be Back In A Minute
BBIAS -Be Back In A Second
BBL -Be Back Later
BCNU -Be Seeing You
BD -Big Deal
BEG -Big Evil Grin
BF -Boy Friend
BG -Big Grin
BIC -Best In Class
BION -Believe It Or Not
BNF -Big Name Fan
BOC -But Of Course
BOL -Best Of Luck
BRB -Be Right Back
BTA -But Then Again
BTDT -Been There Done That
BTM -Beats Me
BTW -By The Way
BWL -Bursting With Laughter
BYKT -But You Knew That
BYKTA -But You knew That Already
BZY -Busy See You Later
CUL8ER -See You Later
C/O -Care Of
C&P -Copy And Paste
Ct&P -Cut And Paste
CB -Call Back
CC -Carbon Copy
CCWC -Can't Cook Won't Cook
CFD -Calls For Discussion
CFV -Calls For Vote
CID -Crying In Disgrace
CIO -Cut It Out
Cir. -Circle
CLAB -Cry Like A Baby
COD -Cash On Delivery
CNP -Continue Next Post
CART -Can't Remember A Thing
CSh -Coffee Shop
CU -See You
CYA -See Ya
CV -Curriculum Vitae
CYO -See You Online
D/L -Download
DAMHIK -Don't Ask Me How I Know
DBzA -Doing Business As
DIIK -Damned If I Know
DIKU? -Do I Know You
DIM -Do It Myself
DIY -Do It Yourself
DK -Don't Know
DNA -Did Not Answer
DNO -Do Not Open
DOA -Date Of Arrival
DOB -Date Of Birth
DQMOT -Don't Quote Me On This
Dr. -Doctor
DTP -Desk Top Publishing
DTRT -Do The Right Thing
DTTAH -Don't Try This At Home
DUCWIC -Do You See What I See
EG -Evil Grin
EMFBI -Excuse me For Butting In
EOM -End Of Message
EOT -End Of Thread
E2EG -Ear to Ear Grin
E&OE -Errors And Omissions Excepted
ED -Emotionally Disturbed
EMSG -Email Message
EOB -End Of Business
EOD -End Of Discussion
EOF -End Of File
EOL -End Of Lecture
EOM -End Of Message
ESP -ESPecially
ETA -Estimated Time Of Arrival
F2F -Face To Face
FAQ -Frequently Asked Question(s)
FCFS -First Come First Served
FCOL -For Crying Out Loud
FFTFM -Fun For The Feeble Minded
FICCL -Frankly I Couldn't Care
FIFO -First In First Out
FIL -Father In Law
FILO -First In Last Out
FIOFY -Figure It Out For Yourself
FISH -First In Still Here
FITB -Fill In The Blank
FOAFOAG -Father Of A Friend Of A Girlfriend
FOAG -Father Of A Girlfriend
FOCL -Fell Off Chair Laughing
FOS -Freedom Of Speech
FOTCL -Falling Off The Chair Laughing
FTASB -Faster Than A Speeding Bullet
FTBOMH -From The Bottom Of My Heart
FTL -Faster Than Light
FTP -File Transfer Protocol
FURTB -Full Up Ready To Burst
FWIW -For What It's Worth
FYA -For Your Amusement
FYI -For Your Information
G -Grin
G2G -Got To Go
GA -Go Ahead
GAFIA -Get Away From It All
GAL -Get A Life
GBH -Great Big Hug
GBH&K -Great Big Hugs & Kisses
GBH&KB -Great Big Hugs & Kisses Back
GF -GirlFriend
GFN -Gone For Now
GG -Gotta Go
GGN -Gotta Go Now
GIGO -Garbage In Garbage Out
GIWIST -Gee I Wish I'd Said That
GJ -Good Job
GL -Good Luck
GLGH -Good Luck and Good Hunting
GMT -Greenwich Mean Time
GMTA -Great Minds Think Alike
GOL -Giggling Out Loud
GOOML -Get Out Of My Life
GOWI -Get On With It
GPF -General Protection Fault
GR8 -Great
GRQ -Get Rich Quick
GSH -Good Sense of Humour
GTBOS -Glad To Be Of Service
GTRM -Going To Read Mail
GTSU -Glad/Good To See You
H&K -Hugs & Kisses
H2 -How To
HABO -Have A Better One
HAGN -Have A Good Night
HAGO -Have A Good One
HAND -Have A Nice Day
HB -Hug Back
HH -Holding Hands
HHIS -Hanging Head In Shame
HHOJ -Ha Ha Only Joking
HHOK -Ha Ha Only Kidding
HICA -Here It Comes Again
HOAS -Hold On A Second
HOPR -Hang On Phone's Ringing
HOUER -Hanging On your Every Word
HP -Home Page
HSIK -How Should I Know
HSP -Highly Sensitive Person
HTH -Hope This Helps
HW -HardWare
HWY -Highway
IAAA -I Am An Accountant
IAAD -I Am A Doctor
IAAL -I Am A Lawyer
IAC -In Any Case
IAE -In Any Event
IAGFII -It's All Good Fun Isn't It
IAY -I Adore You
IAYT -I Adore You Too
IB -I'm Back
IBC -Inadequate But Cute
IC -I See
ICAM -I Couldn't Agree More
ICBW -I Could Be Wrong
ICCL -I Couldn't Care Less
ICP -Internet Content Provider
ICQ -I Seek You
ICUR -I See yoU aRe
ID -Identification
IDGAD -I Don't Give A Damn
IDGI -I Don't Get It
IDK -I Don't Know
IDTS -I Don't Think So
IDTT -I'll Drink To That
IE -In Effect
IHTBS -It Has To Be Shown
IIABDFI -If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It
IIRC -If I Recall/Remember Correctly
IJLS -I Just Like Saying
IKWUM -I Know What yoU Mean
ILIWAPCT -I Love It When A Plan Comes Together
ILU -I Love yoU
ILU2 -I Love yoU Too
ILY4E -I Love You ForEver
IMBO -In My Biased Opinion
IME -In My Experience
IMHO -In My Humble Opinion
IMMOR -I Make My Own Rules
IMNSHO -In My Not So Humble Opinion
IMO -In My Opinion
IMPOV -In My Point Of View
IMS -I Must Say
IMVHO -In My Very Humble Opinion
INGSI -I'm Not Going To Say It
INPO -In No Particular Order
INT -I'll Never Tell
IO -Input/Output
IOU -I Owe You
IOW -In Other Words
IRC -Internet Relay Chat
IRL -In Real Life
IRT -In Real Time
ISC -I Stand Corrected
ISO -In Search Of
ISTM -It Seems To Me
ISTR -I Seem To Remember
ITAK -It Takes All Kinds
ITFA -In The Final Analysis
ITYM -I Think You Mean
IUTKATS -I Used To Know All That Stuff
IWALU -I Will Always Love yoU
IWBNI -It Would Be Nice If
IWIK -I Wish I Knew
IYD -In Your Dreams
IYF -In Your Face
IYKWIM -If You Know What I Mean
IYQ -I Like You
IYSWIM -If You See What I Mean
J/K -Just Kidding
JAM -Just A Moment/Minute
JAS -Just A Second
JFF -Just For Fun
JFTR -Just For The Record
JFYI -Just For Your Information
JIC -Just In Case
JIT -Just In Time
JMHO -Just My Humble Opinion
JMO -Just My Opinion
JMOOC -Just My Opinion Of Course
Jr -Junior
JSYK -Just So You Know
JTLYK -Just To Let You Know
JTUSK -Just Thought you Should Know
JTYMLTK -Just Thought You Might Like To Know
JTYWTK -Just Thought You Wanted to Know
KIA -Know It All
KISS -Keep It Simple Stupid
KWIM -Know What I Mean
KYHU -Keep Your Head Up
L8R -Later
LALL -Live And Let Live
LAN -Local Area Network
LDTO -Let's Ditch This One
LJBF -Let's Just Be Friends
LLTA -Lots and Lots of Thunderous Applause
LMA -Leave Me Alone
LMC -Lost My Connection
LMK -Let Me Know
LOL -Laughing Out Loud
LSHIH -Laughing So Hard It Hurts
LSP -Least Sensitive Person
LTBF -Learn To Be Funny
LTM -Laughing To Myself
LTNS -Long Time No See
LTR -Long Term Relationship
LY -Love Ya
LYLAB -Love You Like A Brother
LYLAS -Love You Like A Sister
LYWAMH -Love You With All My Heart
M8 -Mate
MAY -Mad About You
MB -Message Board
MFG -More Friendly Garbage
MHBFY -My Heart Bleeds For You
MHM -Members Helping Members
MHOTY -My Hat's Off To You
MIL -Mother In Law
MING -Mailing
ML -More Later
MM -Multi Media
MMIF -My Mouth Is Full
MMX -MultiMedia eXtensions
MNC -Mother Nature Calls
MOF -Matter Of Fact
MorF -Male OR Female
MOTOS -Member of the Opposite Sex
MOTAS -Member Of The Appropriate Sex
MOTD -Message Of The Day
MOTSS -Member Of The Same Sex
MSIE -Microsoft Internet Explorer
MT -My Time
MYOB -Mind Your Own Business
N/M -Never Mind
NADM -Never A Dull Moment
NAGI -Not A Good Idea
NA -Not Affiliated
N/A -Not Applicable
NB -Nota Bene
NBD -No Big Deal
NBTD -Nothing Better To Do
NDM -No Disrespect Meant
NE1 -Anyone
NGT -Not Gonna Tell
NICBDAT -Nothing Is Certain But Death And Taxes
NIDWTC -No I Don't Want To Chat
NIH -Not Invented Here
NINO -Nothing In Nothing Out
NIMTO -Not In My Term Of Office
NLT -No Later Than
NM -Never Mind / No Message
NMI -No Middle Initial
NMP -Not My Problem
NMS -Not My Style
NN -Night Night
NOOTO -Nothing Out Of The Ordinary
NOYB -None Of Your Business
NP -No Problem
NPF -No Problem Found/No Picture Found
NQA -No Questions Asked
NQOS -Not Quite Our Sort
NRN -No Reply Necessary
NS -Netscape
NT -No Text
NTG -Not Too Good
NTIM -Not That It Matters
NTIMM -Not That It Matters Much
NYCTMI -Now You Come To Mention It
NYI -Not Yet Implemented
NYP -Not Your Problem
O -Over
OATUS -On A Totally Unrelated Subject
OB -OBligatory
OBTW -Oh By The Way
OD -Over Dose
OIC -Oh I See
OMG -Oh My God
ONNA -Oh No Not Again
OO -Over and Out
OOC -Out Of Character
OOI -Out Of Interest
OOSOOM -Out Of Sight Out Of Mind
OS -Operating System
OT -Off Topic
OT1H -On The One Hand
OTC -Over The Counter
OTD -Out The Door
OTF -On The Floor
OTL -Out To Lunch
OTOH -On The Other Hand
OTT -Over The Top
OTTOMH -Off The Top Of My Head
OTW -On The Whole
OW -Oh Well
OWTTE -Or Words To That Effect
PC -Personal Computer
PCB -Please Call Back
PD -Public Domain
PDA -Public Display of Affection
PDQ -Pretty Damn Quick
PDS -Please Don't Shout
PEST -Please Excuse Slow Typing
PLMK -Please Let Me Know
PLONK -Person with Little Or No Knowledge
PLS -Please
PM -Pardon Me
PMJI -Pardon My Jumping In
POAHF -Put On A Happy Face
POP -Point Of Presence
POV -Point Of View
PTB -Powers That Be
PTMM -Please Tell Me More
PTMY -Pleased To Meet You
PTMYA -Pleased To Make Your Acquaintance
PTO -Please Turn Over
Q -Queue
QED -Quite Easily Done
QT -Cutie
RAS -Running And Screaming
RE -REgarding
RFC -Request For Comment
RFD -Request For Discussion
RL -Real Life
RNA -Ring No Answer
ROFL -Rolling On Floor Laughing
ROTBA -Reality On The Blink Again
ROTF -Rolling On The Floor
ROTM -Right On The Money
RSN -Real Soon Now
RT -Real Time
RTM -Read The Manual
RUMF -aRe yoU Male or Female
SAT -Sorry About That
SCNR -Sorry, Could Not Resist
SEP -Somebody Else's Problem
SETE -Smiling Ear To Ear
SFAIAA -So Far As I Am Aware
SHTSI -Somebody Had To Say It
SIG -Special Interest Group
SIL -Sister In Law
SIT -Stay In Touch
SITD -Still In The Dark
SMO -Serious Mode On
SMOFF -Serious Mode OFF
SMTP -Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SO -Significant Other
SOHB -Sense Of Humour Bypass
SOT -Short Of Time
SOVS -Some One Very Special
SRY -Sorry
STS -So To Speak
SUP -what'S UP
SW -SoftWare
SWAK -Sealed With A Kiss
SWALK -Sealed With A Loving Kiss
SWL -Screaming With Laughter
SWYP -So What's Your Problem
TAFN -That's All For Now
TANJ -There Ain't No Justice
TBC -To Be Continued
TBE -To Be Expected
TBYB -Try Before You Buy
TC -Take Care
TFTT -Thanks For The Thought
TGIF -Thank God It's Friday
TIA -Thanks In Advance
TIC -Tongue In Cheek
TIME -Tears In My Eyes
TINALO -This Is Not A Legal Opinion
TINAR -This Is Not A Recommendation
TLC -Tender Loving Care
TMI -Too Much Information
TMIKTLIU -The More I Know The Less I Understand
TNX -Thanks
TOTBAL -There Ought To Be A Law
TPAE -The Possibilities Are Endless
TPTB -The Powers That Be
TTBE -That's To Be Expected
TTBOMK -To The Best Of My Knowledge
TTL4N -That's The Lot For Now
TTTT -These Things Take Time
TTUL -Talk/Type To yoU Later
TTYRS -Talk To You Real Soon
TVB -Top Versus Bottom
TWIMC -To Whom It May Concern
TWIS -That's What I Said
TWYAS -That's What You All Say
TYT -Take Your Time
TYVM -Thank You Very Much
U/L -UpLoad
UGTBK -yoU've Got To Be Kidding
UOK -yoU OK?
URLCM -yoU aRe weLCoMe
USU -USUally
UTT -Under The Table
VBG -Very Big Grin
VH -Virtual Hug
VR -Virtual Reality
VT -Virtual Time
W/ -With
W/O -With Out
W8 -Wait
W8ING -Waiting
WAEF -When All Else Fails
WALOC -What A Load Of Crap
WB -Welcome Back
WBS -Write Back Soon
WBSP -Write Back Soon Please
WFM -Works For Me
WITY -What's It To You
WOA -Work Of Art
WOM -Word Of Mouth
WRT -World Wide Web
WWYC -Write When You Can
WYM -What You Mean?
WYP -What's Your Point?
WYSIWYG -What You See Is What You Get
Y2K -Year 2000
YAABH -You Are A Big Help
YBS -You'll Be Sorry
YCLIU -You Can Look It Up
YGGM -Your Guess is as Good as Mine
YGTBK -You've Got To Be Kidding
YHBW -You Have Been Warned
YW -You're Welcome
YWSYLS -You Win Some You Lose Some
*S* -*Smile*
|-[#] -About to explode
>-< -Absolutely livid
:%) -Accountant
d:-p -Adolescent
:- 8o -After a cold shower
#:-0 -Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
* :-o -Alarmed
%-} -Amused
0:-) -Angel / Saint
:-II -Angry
:-@ -Angry
:-& -Angry
(I -Asleep
|-( -Asleep and having nightmares
~:-o -Baby (crying)
(:-) -Bald
(:-| -Bald
:-% -Banker
~~~c___ -Beach
:-)} -Beard
:-} -Beard
:-)## -Beard long
%+| -Beaten Up
:-) -Beret
:-)-8 -Big girl
;-)-8 -Big girl winking at you
:-(=) -Big Teeth
|-O -Birth
:-* -Bitter
|!-( -Black Eye
:-# -Blowing a kiss
:-r -Blowing a raspberry
:-( -Boo hoo
:-)8 -Bow tie
:_) -Boxer
:-# -Braces
-6% -Braindead
R-) -Broken Glasses
(:-... -Broken Heart
:^) -Broken Nose
}:-( -Bull-headed
|:-) -Bushy Eyebrows
~M`'~ -Camel
~= -Candle
|| -Car
}:-< -Cat
C=:-) -Chef
Q=:-) -Chef (graduated)
*:o) -Clown
:-D -Comedy
(V)=| -Computer game champion
:-8( -Condescending
%-) -Confused
-( -Contact lenses, but have lost them
3:-) -Cow
X-) -Cross Eyed
C):-) -Cowboy
:-[ -Critical
:-t -Cross
:,( -Crying
{0-) -Cyclops
X) -Dead
]:-) -Devil
>:> -Devilish
{:-{ -Definitely unhappy
:-L] -Dentist
:-E] -Needs to go to the dentist
:-F] -Just came back from the dentist
:-|:-| -Deja' vu
=|:-)X -Diplomat
:-e -Disappointment
:-| -Disgusted
:-)-O -Doctor (with stethoscope)
:-( -Drama
:)~ -Drooling
:)) -Double-chinned
:*) -Drunk
%-<|> -Drunk with laughter
{:V -Duck
<:-) -Dumb Question
<:) -Dunce
:-3 -Eaten a lemon
:-& -Eating spaghetti
(:-I -Egghead
:-|K- -Evening dress
:-| -Excessively rigid
#-) -Exhausted after partying all night
:-# -Fat Lip
*:-} 8 * -Female
(O--< -Fishy
@;-) -Flirt
:'''-) -Floods of Tears
:->X==| -Formal wear
:-) -French Hat
P-) -Fresh
8) -Frog
:-( -Frown (anger or displeasure)
*:* -Fuzzy
(: ( -Ghost
%-( -Glasses broken
(8-{)} -Glasses, Moustache and a Beard
8-) -Gorilla
|<:-) -Graduate
:^D -Great! I like it!
8^| -Grim
;-)=) -Grin
:-) -Ha ha
O:-) -Halo
/8^{~ -Hair line, glasses, moustache,and goatee
||* -Handshake
<|## -Hangman
:-) -Happy
:~-) -(So) happy that they're crying
8-> -(Just) happy
^(^ -Happy variation
:%)% -Has acne
?-( -Has a black eye
%-) -Has had long bangs
:-~| -Has a cold
-( -Has had their eyes gouged out
|:-) -Has bushy eyebrows
|-( -Has lost their contact lenses
&:-) -Has curly hair/forgot to brush their hair
S:-) -Has wavy hair/uses too much hairspray
@:-) -Has wavy hair/uses too much hairspray
J:-) -Has nice hair
>:-> -Has a crew cut
$:-) -Has a comb stuck in the hair
:-|) -Has a moustache
:-}) -Has an RAF moustache
:-#) -Has a bushy moustache
:-$ -Has mouth wired shut
:-(=) -Has big teeth
:-B -Has just bitten their lip
:-)= -Has a goatee
:-R -Has the flu
8*) -Has glasses and a moustache
}:-} -Has a big grin
;^? -Has been punched out
;- -Has been beaten up
:-s -Has heard a bizarre comment
%-| -Has been working all night
:-* -Has just eaten something sour
:-# -Has just said some thing that shouldn't have been sair
._/ -Has been squashed
:-P -Has their tongue hanging out in anticipation
:X) -Hear no evil
:-... -Heart-broken
|:-) -Heavy Eyebrows
<:-)` -Hero
:-> -Hey hey
<:<)} -Hippie
|-D -Ho ho
B-) -Horn-rimmed glasses
[] -Hugs
m(_)m -Humble bow of thanks or apology
@-) -Hypnotist
;-S -I kind of like it
(:-$ -Ill
:~) -Ill with a cold
!:-) -Imaginative
-]:-)[- -Impressed
:-| -Indifference
:| -Indifferent
8 -Infinity
8-I -In suspense
~~:-) -Is on fire
-6% -Is brain-dead
(:-| -Is an egghead
<:-I -Is a dunce
&8-| -Is a nerd
:-H -Is missing teeth
:<) -Is a blabbermouth
:-|8( )- -Is pregnant
:-d~ -Is a heavy smoker
*:* -Is fuzzy
:-] -Is a blockhead
.-) -Keeping an eye out
:-T -Keeping a straight face
:-* -Kiss
:* -Kisses
:-x} -Kissing
:+) -Large Nose
:D -Laughing
:-))) -Double chin
:.-) -Laughing tears
%-(|) -Laughing out loud
:D -Laughter
(-: -Left-handed
:-9 -Licking lips
:-# -Lips are sealed
:-{} -Lipstick
X:-) -Little kid
>:-< -Mad
:- -Male
:-)... -Manic depressive
)-::-( -Married
*(:-| -Military officer
:-| -Monkey
<:3 )~~~ -Mouse / rat
:-{) -Moustache
:-X -Mute
-) -Needs a haircut
:/I -No Smoking
:-0 -No Yelling
:-) -Nosy
%-{ -Not amused
-] -Obnoxious
:-o -Oh
:-* -Oops
:-)| -Out on the town
#-) -Partied All Night
:-/ -Perplexed
[:-) -Personal stereo
:?) -Philosopher
:-? -Pipe Smoker
I-) -Private Eye
!-| -Popeye
-:-) -Punk
:-I -Puzzled
q:-) -Rapper
:~/ -Really mixed up
[:] -Robot
o-<:-}}} -Santa Claus
4:-) -Sailor
:( -Sad
0:-) -Saint
M:-) -Saluting
:-y -Saying it with a smile
(:+( -Scared
:-/ -Sceptical
*#*!^*&:-) -Schizophrenic
:# -Screaming
(-_-) -Secret Smile
M-) -See no evil
:-M -Speak no evil
:o -Shocked
:-V -Shouting
.^) -Side view
:)% -Skateboarder
<:-) -Skier
:-Z -Sleeping
^_^ -Smile
:Q -Smoking
~~~8} -Snake
|^o -Snoring
:-6 -Sour
8-) -Spectacles
/oo/ -Spider
:-T -Straight faced
(:-|K- -Suit and tie
( o )( o ) -Surprise
:-X -Swearing
:X -Sworn to secrecy
:-v -Talking
|:-) -Teacher
&-| -Tearful
(:>-< -Thief
:-)x===> -Tie
:-P -Tongue
:^) -Tongue-in-cheek
:-& -Tongue Tied
:-)8> -Tuxedo
^)^ ^(^ -Two people talking
X-) -Unconscious
:-( -Unhappy
(:-( -Very unhappy
%*} -Very drunk
:-)) -Very Happy
|-( -Very Sad
:-c -Very tired
:[ -Very Unhappy
:-(*) -Vomiting
C|:-) -Wearing a Bowler Hat
:-(#) -Wearing Braces
d:-) -Wearing a Cap
::-) -Wearing Glasses
[:-) -Wearing Headphones
:{} -Wearing lipstick
@:] -Wearing a turban
:.-( -Weeping
:@ -What?
:-" -Whistling
{:-) -Wig
;-) -Winking
|-O -Yell
:-(O) -Yelling
(@@) -You're kidding
(@ @) -You're Joking?
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